Sharon admits separation, reconciliation with Kiko 

Sharon's Instagram live included the whole family.

Just as people speculated with Sharon Cuneta’s social media posts, with the cropped head and everything, she and her husband Kiko Pangilinan had a fight, separated briefly, but have now reconciled. She also says that her multiple posts on social media which are a barrage of quotes were about that fight. In an Instagram Live, she explained, “Every post I made was just to show you when I was sad, and like everyone else that was normal. After sadness, we fixed some things and we become happy.”

The live showed the entire family squeezed in one frame, Sharon and Kiko with daughters Kakie and Miel, and son Miguel. They also gave a shoutout to KC. It hasn’t been a secret that Sharon and KC have tussled on certain issues but appear to be fine now.

“For the record, there ain’t anything wrong with any of our brains,” she said pointing to her and the family. “I don’t know why people are so mean.” Some netizens have been commenting that Sharon’s ‘antics’ are too ‘pabebe’, and that she should comport herself according to her age. Sharon is turning 58 on the 6th of January.  

She also said the tone of her social media will change in 2024. Whether this means her posts will be shorter or will be managed by a third party remains to be seen.