Second wave of black-and-white art displayed in Harbour City

Over 450 residents and celebrities participate in Inside Out: Harbour and the City and their giant smiling portraits are displayed at Ocean Terminal Forecourt and the exterior wall of Canton Road.

Last month, Harbour City hosted the renowned French artist JR’s monumental public art installation, GIANTS: Rising Up and simultaneously kicked off participating in the Inside Out Project, a global participatory art project created by JR.

The new Inside Out Action is titled Inside Out: Harbour and the City and invites residents to take photos of their smiles long-hidden behind masks, and bring happiness to the world together.

The collected photographs have the added touch of the iconic Inside Out polka dots. Until 7 May, these photos are on display at Ocean Terminal Forecourt, the exterior wall of Ocean Centre, and Gateway Arcade entrances on Canton Road, allowing the public to be surrounded and welcomed by a sea of friendly smiles.

The Inside Out Project has traveled to many corners of the world since its establishment in 2011, attracting more than 480,000 participants from 149 countries in more than 2,300 “Group Actions,” some of which have taken place at renowned world landmarks such as the Pantheon in Paris, Tower Bridge in London and Times Square in New York.