Screener training strengthens Australia,Phl aviation security partnership

The Australian government provided five laptops installed with X-Ray Tutor 4 training software to the Philippine Office for Transportation Security on 10 January, in a demonstration of the two countries’ mutual commitment to strengthen critical infrastructure security, including aviation security, under the Joint Declaration on Strategic Partnership.  

Australian Ambassador to the Philippines HK Yu handed over the XRT4 laptops to OTS officer-in-charge Assistant Secretary Jose Briones Jr. Following this, they both participated in a demonstration of the training software, which uses cutting-edge technology to enhance the ability of aviation screeners to recognize and identify prohibited items in passenger baggage.  

”Recognizing the complexity of our world today, it is important to work with partners like the Philippines to promote aviation security. Successfully detecting threats to civil aviation in a simulated environment enhances the ability to detect threats in the event of a real attack,” Yu said. 

In his message, Briones said, “We are delighted to collaborate with the Australian government toward a safer transportation system.”  

Australia and the Philippines share a longstanding partnership on aviation security. Through the Department of Home Affairs’ Cyber and Infrastructure Security Centre, Australia previously provided four XRT software and laptops for cargo screening, as well as training on how to effectively use the software.