SB19’s Josh drops ‘Get Right’ remix


SB19 lead rapper and vocalist Josh Cullen has teamed up with rapper Yuridope for the official remix of his latest single “Get Right.” 

“The dude is not just talented, he is genuine. That verse of his? It was like he blinked and boom, and it was done. Literal na naglabada lang (He just washed),” he said of the Filipino rapper. 

According to Josh, the electro-pop banger signifies his return, confidently showcasing his “understanding of the game.” 

“The lyrics reflect my resilience, self-assurance and the realization of how the industry operates. It’s about asserting my presence, owning my space and creating music that resonates with who I am as an artist,” he added. 

The remix is also in collaboration with producer Cursebox whom Josh credits with breathing “new life into the track.”

He said, “Throughout the process, we provided feedback, ensuring the arrangement aligned with our vision. Ultimately, Cursebox’s unique touch added depth to the song, elevating it to new heights while respecting its roots.”

The reimagined “Get Right” invites fans from different genres to experience Josh’s sound in a fresh light. 

“This collaboration opens doors to new connections and possibilities, enriching our musical journey and expanding our reach. And with this remix, we’re kicking off a larger journey, pioneering a unique sub-genre called ‘hip-pop,’ which promises to bring even more innovation and excitement to the music scene,” Josh said. 

“Get Right,” the original version, was written and helmed by Josh with collaborators Ocho the Bullet and UK-based indie icon No Rome assisting with the production. 

The music video features the SB19 member and friends hanging out in Los Angeles, enjoying the warm climate and the laid-back, cosmopolitan lifestyle.

Josh said, “I just went with the flow and let my creativity run wild during those times. I wanted to bring the visuals I’ve had in mind since we started making the song to life, and LA turned out to be the perfect spot for it. Yet, truthfully, YouMeUs and my team in LA exceeded all expectations. Despite being only three people in LA, their effort and discipline were monumental. They managed to make it look like a full-blown production with their dedication, imagination, improvisation, and hard work.”

“Get Right” remix is out now on all digital music platforms worldwide.