Santorini Cruise Collection Seaside Debut

Claudia Bezza Yeung has always designed clothes that are unique, comfortable and versatile.

Claudia Bezza Yeung, artist and designer.


To channel her creativity, she presented an out-of-the-box and onto-the- beach fashion show aptly labeled Santorini Cruise Collection Seaside Debut. The 55-piece collection was inspired by the colors and mood of Santorini, Greece, a favorite cruise ship port of call.

Cebu Governor Gwen Garcia and Mariquita Yeung (standing) Marylou Ang, Frances Siao, Carlos Yeung and Carla Yeung Mckowen.
Annette Osmena, DANESSA Onglatco, ANGE Gomez and KHANA Alcordo
Rose Hennessy and Honey Loop, (standing) Kingsley Sode Medalla and Lisa Tan Mills.
KATE Anzani, Kumiko Onda, Eunice King, Perl Arienza and Bong Aromin Go.
KATIE Bradley and BIANCA Codilla
JUNA Morgan


Fifteen top professional and celebrity models sashayed on the longest catwalk in the country, a quarter of a kilometer-long stretch on the very edge of the luxurious Kandaya Resort in Daan Bantayan, Northern Cebu.

“The collection, as with all our pieces, is made from excess fabric that we have sourced from China and Dubai,” shares multi-talented designer Claudia. “The textiles for this collection were acquired at different times and were kept in storage since the pandemic. It was only recently that these all came together with the vision: Santorini.”

As a model, Claudia was constantly on the move, so she learned to travel light. She then recycled her clothes and customized them for different looks.

“I do not sketch, I find it better to manipulate fabrics directly on the body,” Claudia shares.

As expected, her brand of fashion is always unrestricted. “I get two people with different body types and if it looks good on both of them, the dress gets a thumbs up.”

Claudia’s husband, Martin Yeung, left nothing to chance — he gave his all-out support. The efforts were all reciprocated, as Claudia’s number one passion and commitment is being a dedicated wife to Martin and a doting hands-on mom to Ezra.