Runway wonders

BYS Fashion Week is an unmissable spectacle, where creativity and expression reign supreme, leaving fashion enthusiasts captivated.

The first installment of the year brought together powerhouse designers like Rafa Worldwide, Antonina, Ha.Mu and Randolf Clothing, showcasing a remarkable play of creativity on the runway.

However, it’s not just the fashion that grabs attention—the accompanying beauty looks have been stealing the spotlight. Since its inception in 2012, BYS Philippines has been a trailblazer in promoting Filipino artistry and innovation, and on its 11th anniversary, it continues to champion individuality and creativity.

Mimiyuuh in a perfect oversized fit with crafted flowers and intricate ruffles by HA.MU.

With BYS Fashion Week 2023, which ran from 5 to 8 October under the theme “The Filipino Palette: Same Same But Different,” the event delved into the heart of Filipino fashion, embracing the diverse tapestry of styles that make up the vibrant local fashion scene.

Explore the creative geniuses responsible for the lavish designs that graced the runway on the first day of BYS Fashion Week:

Rafa Worldwide: Hyperballad
RAFA WORLDWIDE unveiled Raf Villas’ emotional journey as a queer individual through the artistry of Hyperballad collection. Drawing from his upbringing in a small community, the collection vividly portrays the ebbs and flows of emotion during his formative years.

Characterized by vibrant hues, ethereal silhouettes and the innovative use of recycled fabrics, Raf Villas weaves a powerful narrative encouraging the embrace of one’s true self amid societal expectations.

‘Ready To Serve’ collection.

Hyperballad delves into the depths of emotional complexities, depicting the struggle between conformity and the unyielding desire for authentic self-expression. The collection showcases tensioned textiles, sculptural pieces, distressed treatments, fringes and ornate beading, all crafted from recycled materials like magazine pages, denim fabrics, plastic and upholstery textiles.

The result is a stunning line of avant-garde pieces that elegantly celebrate the beauty of human form. The runway was set ablaze with an opening by Mimiyuuh and a mesmerizing appearance by Nadine Lustre, fresh from conquering Paris Fashion Week.

Antonina: Rain and regret
Antonina Abad Amoncio, a Filipino fashion designer born in 1996, draws inspiration from her personal experiences and social issues in her designs.
A graduate from the University of the Philippines, Diliman, Antonina designs under her own name and a brand called ANOTO.

JAMES Reid in Antonina’s collection themed “rain and regret.”

She likes experimenting with fabric, hand-sewing techniques, textures, threadworks and prints. Antonina’s fashion label, ANTONINA, is a reflection of her memories and a way to express her artistic vision.

In her Spring Summer 2024 collection showcased at B7 Bldg., BGC, she explored themes of rain and regret, using wool, denim and tulle. Elements like umbrellas, teardrops, cutouts, and cloud-like draping added a distinct style to the runway, featuring James Reid and a color palette centered around the metaphor of rain.

HA.MU: Merry-go-round of Life
Ha.Mu, founded in 2017 by designers Abraham Guardian and Mamuro Oki, is an independent local brand that values rebellion, creativity and freedom of expression, all while promoting self-love and confidence.

Inspired by contemporary art and the belief that clothing should have no gender, they create unique and androgynous pieces. Ha.Mu is the choice for those who see dressing up as a form of play.

Their latest collection, “Merry-go-round of Life,” breaks gender norms with oversized flowers, intricate ruffles and bold shapes in delightful shades like green, white, violet and orange.

Ha.Mu pays great attention to details, textures and achieving the perfect oversized fit, emphasizing individuality and self-assuredness in your attire.

RANDOLF: Ready to Serve
On day one of BYS Fashion Week, Randolf by RJ Santos showcased their “Ready to Serve” collection.

Originating as a streetwear brand in 2013, Randolf by RJ Santos infuses humor and youthful illustrations into their designs, giving birth to a unique style.

The collection portrays a tired diner staff member envisioning customers as stylish trendsetters, injecting joy and smiles into the audience.

RJ’s brand embraces a casual, fun-loving attitude, finding humor in everyday experiences while exuding a youthful spirit.