The tongues have started re-wagging. After a brief period of fandom peace when Daniel Padilla and Kathryn Bernardo were seen together at an event, complete with fun dancing, in the IG index of celebrity beef, it has been confirmed that Andrea Brillantes has now unfollowed Kathryn Bernardo on said social media. It can be recalled that Kath unfollowed Andrea several days ago, which gave rise to the speculation that part or all of the rumor Ogie Diaz unleashed on his YouTube show is true.   

Diaz had been the subject of much ire and has been accused by fans of being a peddler of fake news when he first announced that Kath would never work with Andrea because of some rumor involving Daniel. Kath and Andrea have let their social media actions do the talking, while not a peep has come out of Daniel, social media-wise or otherwise.