Riding on Indian rocket ship

More Indian ICT companies are bullish in funneling in assets to the Philippines to buttress a landscape already thriving with a vibrant tech ecosystem.

The embassy in Manila is hosting to this end a number of Indian firms at the India-Philippines Tech Summit on 5 March.

The forum will lead more structured conversations on what India can offer as one of the world’s most promising tech leaders, as well as seal partnerships and deals on digital technology and e-governance.

Indian ambassador to Manila Shambhu Kumaran: “I think the Philippines is seen in India as an economy with extremely bright prospects and we, our companies, are keen to explore opportunities.”

“There is an information deficit in terms of what India can offer and [in the Philippines], Indian companies are very well-versed with the opportunities that exist in the market so this event is also designed to bridge that.”

A number of sectors in the Philippines can benefit from India’s breakthrough tech solutions, including finance, health and digital governance.

Agriculture promises a potential area of collaboration, what with India’s farming processes and satellite-data utilization to max yield.

India’s many strides in diagnostic technologies can spur significant developments in the Philippines’ health department.

At least 30 Indian technology companies have invested in the country, employing almost 200,000 Filipinos.

“What we are lacking so far is a broader understanding of the transformational changes that are happening in the Indian digital economy,” Kumaran said.

Over 50 Indian ICT companies and 100 Philippine tech enterprises will participate in the summit at Shangri-La Fort.