Reflections on our mortality this Holy Week

To do what is right and just is more acceptable to the Lord than sacrifice.” – Proverbs 21: 3

I am writing this article today, Lenten Wednesday, two days before Jesus goes through the horrific, agonizing death on the cross in Calvary. Today, I reflect on my mortality and what it is that matters most. It is not the honors, the accolades, the riches, the jewelries, the travels, the beautiful clothes and accessories, and the glamorous parties that matter. All that will pass away.

At the end, all that will matter are our love for God, our love and care for family, our children, our grandchildren, and cherished friends. We shall remember the hugs, the milestone moments, the laughter, the patter of the children’s feet, the beautiful, thoughtful notes sent to us via Viber, messenger, WhatsApp, and Instagram. We value each word, each sentence written because it is the love and care that matters.

We try to be fit and healthy only because we want to live long enough to see our children graduate with a degree and get married. We want to see the day when we enjoy our grandchildren running around, having great fun. We want to see the day when our whole family pays tribute to us on our 80th birthday.

So, I ask each and every one of you, my dear and faithful readers. What matters most to you living this life? We need to address the crying pleas of the poor and the needy, we need to listen and hold the depressed. We need to clothe the unwashed. We need to find shelter for the homeless and educate the ignorant. We need to comfort the sick and the dying.

Once we have learned to share what we have with the marginalized, we will breathe easy and happy knowing we have done the right action for our needy brothers and sisters.

Our loving and forgiving God is a God of mercy. He sees the purity of our hearts and the truth of our intentions. He knows our longings and our dreams. Furthermore, He knows our deepest wish to live a long and fruitful life to enjoy our sunset years surrounded by our loving family.

Yes, as we reflect on our mortality this Lent, we realize that all that matters are our relationship with God and our families, and our attention to the poor. Only then will we breathe easy knowing that our lives have gained meaning and deep purpose.

I wish one and all a blessed, joyful, and happy Easter Sunday!!!


The author is one of 100 Most Influential Global Filipinas for her books and advocacy work. She was recognized as one of The Outstanding Women in the Nation’s Service (TOWNS). As a social historian, she has written 46 coffee table books in the last 25 years found in select libraries around the world.