Rediscovering connections, community

U.P. Town Center continues to elevate lifestyle experiences by immersing community members in an environment that enables them to pause, reflect and strive for self-care.

The Q.C.-based mall’s Rekindle campaign is an initiative that goes beyond retail by connecting with patrons on a deeper and personal level. This follows UPTC’s Homecoming campaign last 2022.

Rekindle campaign further strengthens special connection with patrons by hosting motivational installations, social media engagements, and organizing special events highlighting different passions, hobbies and advocacies all throughout the year.

As you wander through the mall, you stumble upon thought-provoking questions and affirmations that encourage you to reflect on self-love and community.

An outdoor walkway challenges you with, “How Will You Love Yourself Today?” while an interactive hopscotch floor-art boldly declares, “Today I deserve… Love, kindness, joy, hope, compassion, respect, peace, self-care.”

Then, as you shop at your favorite stores, you find a subtle yet powerful reminder on the floor whispering, “Everyone’s growth has its own rhythm.”

“No Strangers in Town” is a movement that intertwines physical and virtual spaces by engaging patrons in heartwarming reflections inspired by the mall’s installations, followed by a social media challenge.

The campaign extends beyond self-reflection, contributing to a donation drive for partner beneficiaries: UP Red Cross Youth, UP Babaylan and Hound Haven.

The Rekindle campaign stands as a testament to the mall’s commitment to fostering an environment of reflection, growth, connection, and community care.

Join the Rekindle campaign at the UPTC Activity Center to witness the movement and rediscover yourself in a space you can truly call home.