Redefining hospitality in a changed world

In a new normal world now defined by rapid technological innovation and ever-changing shifts in consumer expectations, Conrad Manila finds itself forging a path of innovation as it sets new standards in hospitality to shape the future of bespoke guest experience.

The journey of Conrad Manila began in 2016 with a promising start, boasting stunning architecture inspired by the luxury cruise ships that ply Manila Bay, coupled with unparalleled views of the area, luxurious yet eco-friendly features and a dedicated staff known for their warm hospitality.

Conrad Manila’s resilience was put to test at the onslaught of the global health pandemic when it introduced innovative products and services for its guests and clients’ health and safety that continued its regular operations.

Instead of succumbing to despair, Conrad Manila’s team, from its management to team members, displayed unwavering commitment and determination to overcome the adversities. They embarked on a journey of physically and metaphorically rebuilding, becoming stronger than ever.

“Advocating social and environmental responsibility, the brand has placed sustainability at the very core of its operations,” said Fabio Berto, Conrad Manila general manager. “The hotel has implemented comprehensive eco-friendly initiatives, including water conservation measures, food waste management programs and a farm-to-table approach, among many others.”


Conrad Manila also actively collaborates with local communities and organizations to promote sustainable practices, such as Rise Against Hunger, Rags2Riches and Philippine Institute for the Deaf. By sourcing locally grown produce, supporting local artisans and engaging in eco-tourism initiatives, the hotel fosters economic growth while preserving its surroundings’ natural and cultural heritage.

“This commitment to sustainability weaves a strong bond with environmentally conscious travelers and sets an example for the entire hospitality industry,” Berto stated.

Understanding the evolving expectations of local and foreign travelers, Conrad Manila is dedicated to providing bespoke and immersive experiences. The hotel has embraced a guest-centric approach, where every aspect of the stay is tailored to individual preferences. From curated itineraries and bespoke dining experiences to customized wellness programs and exclusive access to local attractions, the brand goes above and beyond to create unforgettable memories for its guests.

Through its immersive offerings, technology and sustainability, Conrad Manila has created a blueprint for the industry to follow, seven years ago and counting. This remarkable brand proves that by combining innovation, sustainability and genuine hospitality, hotels can not only survive but also thrive in an ever-changing landscape.