Redefining aesthetic transformation

Sculptra and Luminisce recently partnered to offer Sculptra’s collagen biostimulator injectable with Luminisce’s luxury treatments.

The integration of Sculptra’s collagen-stimulating technology into Luminisce’s treatments reflects their dedication to innovation and efficacy.

“Our clients who had Sculptra treatment done have been very happy with the results,” said Dr. Kristina “Kaycee” Reyes, chief executive officer of Luminisce. “Luminisce is all about redefining inner beauty, which matches well with Sculptra’s focus on natural enhancements.”

Christine Legaspi of Galderma Aesthetics spoke highly of Sculptra’s enduring impact on facial rejuvenation. “Sculptra’s collagen biostimulator injectable has consistently proven its remarkable ability to restore youthful vitality to the skin. By stimulating the body’s natural collagen production, Sculptra creates subtle yet powerful enhancements that evolve over time.”

The collaboration with Luminisce marks a new chapter for Sculptra, as its innovative formula becomes an integral part of the transformative journey that clients embark upon at Luminisce.