R’Bonney Gabriel visits dad’s Malate hometown

Filipino-American beauty queen R’Bonney Gabriel went on a Miss Universe mission to Barangay 743 in the Malate District of Manila, her father’s hometown, on Sunday, 14 May 2023.

She was warmly welcomed by her family on her father’s side and the people in the neighborhood.

In the photos shared by JKN Global Group’s Hello Universe Facebook page, the reigning Miss Universe is shown providing school supplies to children in the community. Since her visit coincided with the celebration of Mother’s Day, she also gave red roses to some mothers in the area.

Likewise, R’Bonney had the opportunity to spend time and dine with her family in her father’s house located on Smith Street. Her American mother, Dana Walker, was also there.

R’Bonney is said to be very close to her Filipino father, Remigio Bonzon “R. Bon” Gabriel. Her chic name was derived from her dad’s nickname, “R-Bon”.

Although she resides in the United States, R’Bonney said she often comes back to visit her dad’s house in the Philippines during summer.

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