Q&A time

CHAMOMILE tea is a well-known stress reliever.(Photograph courtesy of unsplash/chi chen)

Your numerous questions take center stage now. While there is no magic bullet to address your every concern, there are ways to ensure your well-being in the long run. This is only possible if you are committed to take the first step.


You know what they say about gravity — you cannot fight it. But then again, you just might be able to soften its blow on your otherwise youthful looks.

The passage of time has a way of creeping up on you. And it begins to show on your skin. The first order of the day is to improve collagen production. So here it is:

•Vitamin C — this is the main building block of good skin. Increase your dosage to 1,000 mg daily

•Bone broth — a traditional remedy

•Sardines, mackerel, cod — oily fish rich in omega 3

•Leafy Greens — to neutralize oxidative stress

•Collagen IV Drips — go to a certified dermatologist

•Energy Therapies — Aesthetic centers carry the latest in ultrasound and radio frequency treatments for the face to stimulate collagen.

•Virgin coconut oil — to lighten the fine lines on your face

•Hydration — drink 10-12 glasses of water daily

Muscle mass

While it is true that everyone loses muscle mass much more rapidly past the age of 60, this can be reasonably slowed down through proper exercise.

1. Enroll in a gym. A trainer can design your program to include cardio and resistance training workouts.

2. Increase protein intake from sources, such as beef, chicken, fish, egg, nuts and vegetables.

3. Increase weight-bearing exercises. This is a must. You may opt for home exercises like planks, weights like barbells. Add push ups, squats and lunges.

Good sleep

One of the best ways to ensure a great complexion is to get a good night’s sleep. Lack of sleep robs the skin of collagen.

1. Early to bed.

2. Meditate before bedtime.

3. Sleep with peace of mind. Never go to bed angry.

4. Do not eat a heavy dinner. Keep it light.

5. Take calming teas like chamomile. Melatonin can also be helpful.

Juice of the Week

Happy Liver:

Sugar beets (raw and fresh)

Peel well. Mix with peeled raw carrots. Juice it properly. Drink up.

Affirmation: “I will become my very best.”

Love and light!