Puerto Galera’s luxury retreat beckons with new farm-to-table initiative

Puerto Galera, Oriental Mindoro — In the middle of the Philippines lies a resort called Infinity, and its luxuriousness has just found the perfect tandem in sustainability.

The Infinity Resort in Puerto Galera, Oriental Mindoro, has been known for a long time as an opulent haven amid the beauty of nature. With its beautiful natural surroundings and dedication to being good to the environment, Infinity Resort continues to charm both tourists and people who care about the environment.

An opulent haven amid the beauty of nature.


A quiet haven

Mindoro Island is a beautiful place, and Infinity Resort is a peaceful spot to get away from the busy city life. Its location is perfect for relaxing and recharging because it is surrounded by lush grass and water that is as clear as glass.

What makes Infinity Resort stand out is that it is always working to protect the environment. This resort is not only a sign of wealth, but also a good example of how to take care of the environment. Here’s a better look at what makes Infinity Resort stand out:


  1. Farm-to-table excellence: The “degrowth demand” program at Infinity Resort sets a new bar for farm-to-table food. Fresh veggies, herbs and fruits are grown in places on the resort’s property that weren’t being used before. This makes sure that guests get the freshest and most tasty food while reducing the amount of carbon dioxide that comes from transporting food.


  1. Conservation of the local ecosystem: The Infinity Resort helps protect and preserve the local ecosystem by growing native plants and keeping the natural variety of its grounds. The lodge is more appealing because it works well with nature.


  1. The resort gives guided tours of its gardens, which teach guests about how to farm in a sustainable way and how important it is to get food from responsible sources. These tours teach people how to be more eco-friendly in their own lives.


Sign of luxury and sense of duty

Luxury and duty also go together at Infinity Resort. Its commitment to taking care of the environment improves the overall guest experience and shows that sustainability and luxury can live together in harmony.

Even though the Infinity Resort in Puerto Galera, Oriental Mindoro, is always changing, it stays true to its core values of luxury and caring for the environment. Its “degrowth demand” program shows that it cares about both its guests and the environment, and it sets a good example for the hospitality business.

Travelers are looking for immersive experiences that show off the beauty of our world. The Infinity Resort is a shining example of how luxury and sustainability can go hand in hand. It is a beautiful place to get away from it all in Puerto Galera, Oriental Mindoro.