Provoke introspection

From intricate illustrations to interactive installations, Jomike Tejido’s pieces encourage viewers to rediscover the joy of playfulness and imagination. | Photograph courtesy of Galerie Stephanie

Galerie Stephanie presents three solo exhibitions this month of the works of architect and award-winning illustrator Jomike Tejido, Filipina visual artist and art educator Jem Magbanua, and Indonesian conservator and contemporary artist Imam Santoso.

 The exhibits, on view until 2 April, tap into the interconnectedness of society and its manmade creations.

 From freedom to create, to profound solitudes and introspective mapping of one’s self, these exhibitions offer a diverse tapestry of architecture, society and the pillars of the human psyche.

 In Jomike Tejido’s The Manifesto of Play, the renowned Filipino artist invites viewers into a whimsical world.

Through vibrant colors, dynamic forms, and a playful exploration of mediums, Tejido challenges conventional perceptions of art. From intricate illustrations to interactive installations, each piece encourages viewers to rediscover the joy of playfulness and imagination.

On the other side of the gallery, Imam Santoso presents Solitude, which delves into the depths of human emotion, capturing moments of introspection and solitude. Through evocative compositions, Santoso invites viewers to contemplate the complexities of solitude, its beauty, melancholy, and power to provoke introspection.

 Meanwhile, Filipina visual artist Jem Magbanua presents a captivating exploration of movement, rhythm, and spatial dynamics in Notes on Navigation and Other Oscillations.

Through a series of graphite works, Magbanua invites viewers to navigate through a labyrinth of shifting perspectives both in a physical and philosophical sense.

The exhibit challenges traditional notions of movement and time, and redefines the idealisms of one’s roots and identity.

 Galerie Stephanie is a contemporary art gallery on the 6th Level, East Wing of Shangri-La Plaza, Mandaluyong City.