Portrait of Isabel Echevarria

Isabel Echevarria, a professional artist for more than 35 years, is known for her portraits.

A Cebuana, she moved to Spain in 2004. She visits the island regularly and continues to showcase her paintings to fellow Cebuanos, art enthusiasts and thriving artists.

She once again kicked off an exhibit at the Casino Español de Cebu entitled Medley of Glances. Guests of honor were adorable grandchildren of her former high school classmates, Madeleine Gaelle Garcia, Alessandra Marie Garcia and Janna Quisumbing.

Isabel creates ethereal and timeless portraits through her choice of lighting and composition. She has a style that is both technically impressive and emotionally engaging.

As with most of her masterpieces, notably of philanthropist couple Carlos and Mariquita Yeung, their portrait captivates viewers and engages them in the painting. Such works of art cause the viewers to ponder upon themselves.

She has exhibited in expo fairs and mainstream galleries in Europe, featured as a solo artist or as a member of a group exposition. Her obras have been featured in print magazines, and have appeared in illustration and design archives.

Isabel, a graduate of Bachelor of Arts in Modern Humanities, magna cum laude at Saint Theresa’s College Cebu, possesses several fundamental qualities. She is imaginatively strong-minded and a keen observer of human behavior. She is lightheartedly serious, yet playfully subdued.

Isabel is currently an artist in residence in Tenerife, the Canary Islands, Spain.