Popular South Korean streetwear brand now in Manila

Fashion & Forward’s MLB brand is ready to create a splash in the Filipino streetwear fashion scene, thanks to its partnership with Suyen Corporation. The brand has recently opened its debut store in the Philippines at SM Mall Of Asia, with plans to launch another store at SM Aura this month.

Merging two vibrant and dynamic cultures — fashion and sports — MLB is a South Korean premium lifestyle brand that captures the essence of Major League Baseball’s heritage, embodying the quintessential American sports lifestyle with 150 years of tradition. In 2023, Suyen Corporation, the Philippines’ foremost retail company, sealed a partnership with Fashion & Forward, becoming the country’s official brand licensor of MLB.

“We saw great potential in this formidable partnership with F&F,” said Bryan Lim, Suyen Corporation’s vice president for business development. “Our companies share the same ethos when it comes to sprucing up the ever-changing fashion landscape with the trends of the current lifestyle and culture milieu.”

For 26 years, MLB has been at the forefront of shaping consumer lifestyles and driving modern fashion trends, seamlessly weaving oriental influences into the very fabric of America’s sports DNA. The brand takes pride in its sophisticated and meticulous approach to digital marketing, continuously expanding its product offerings to reach discerning consumers worldwide.

Embracing today’s culture
Banking on the varied preferences of fashion-forward consumers today, MLB’s thrust in delivering a distinct fashion experience through its collection of avant-garde streetwear pieces takes precedence. The brand greatly highlights contemporary casual and street fashion, as is evident from its exposure among A-list celebrities and social media trendsetters.

“Our aim in this collaboration with MLB is to provide our consumers with an expanded array of streetwear options that suit their diverse lifestyles,” Lim added. “One great thing about Filipinos is that we excel in seamlessly infusing the latest cultural trends into our fashion expressions.”

Catering to diverse preferences, MLB presents an extensive range of clothing and accessories, encompassing sweaters, t-shirts, sneakers and bags, to fulfill the fashion inclinations of every individual, whether they lean toward vibrant styles or seek to infuse extra playfulness into their looks.