Pick Nicolo

NICOLÒ by Nicolo Perez is one of Philippine fashion’s rising stars.  His ready-to-wear brand is popularly known for loose lounge silhouettes and techniques that are undeniably cool.

Fashion people, industry insiders and purveyors of style in the local stylescape have been spotted wearing a piece of this current unspoken cult brand.  There’s a certain uniqueness to his clothing line that unapologetically echoes effortless style with a twist. 

WEARABLE and aesthetic is how Perez describes his creations. | PHOTOGRAPHS COURTESY OF NICOLO PEREZ

It is a fashion statement silenced in modern street slash bespoke chic slash subtle sartorial elegance.

This promising designer is quite garments-centric and knows that great clothes have to not just look but more importantly feel good. The self-taught artist has participated in numerous design competitions and as a result made ready-to-wear clothing available online and visible at curated pop-up events.

NEW, NOW, NEXT touches base with Nicolo Perez of Nicolo and his thoughts on his first Bench Fashion Week.

What’s your Bench Fashion Week collection all about? How many pieces?

The collection is entitled “Pick Me” and is about the experience of yearning and wanting to be liked.

What’s your inspiration for the collection and why?

I drew inspo from flower arrangement, vintage botanicals and utility wear.

What’s something new that fashion people can expect?

I’m presenting my take on florals and introducing womenswear.

What materials did you use and why?

A lot of denim, nylon and sheer fabrics like pina.

In design, what’s your signature style?

I play a lot with curves and shapes.

What makes this collection different from the other designers/brands?

I think it’s a take on flowers that’s unique to me.

How long did it take you to finish the collection? Any challenges?

I’m not yet finished as of answering this question. My main challenge was trying to come up with ways to elevate my clothes.

How long have you been making clothes? Do you have any mentors or did you apprentice with anyone?

I’ve been making clothes for six years now. I don’t have mentors, but I learn a lot from my designer peers who are also friends.

What is your design aesthetic and philosophy?

My design aesthetic is wearable but interesting.

Is this your first Bench fashion week? What makes this one special?

Yes, this is my first full show and it’s with Bench Fashion Week, and that makes it special.