PhL Sundance horror film ‘In My Mother’s Skin’ to premiere globally on Prime Video

The highly applauded Filipino horror film In My Mother’s Skin is set to stream on Prime Video on 12 October in over  240 countries, including the Philippines.

On 21 September, Prime Video PH announced the horror film’s global upcoming release on their streaming platform.

“What will you do to save your family? Enter a horrifying world of myth and monsters to find out,” Prime Video PH said on Facebook while showing the film’s chilling, folk-horror teaser.

Set at the end of World War II in the Philippines, the horror film revolves around 14-year-old Tala living in an isolated mansion in the forest, while also struggling to look after her ill-stricken mother named Ligaya.

To save her mother on the verge of death, Tala struck a deal with a flesh-eating fairy she encountered in the forest. However, striking a deal with a malevolent force has its deathly consequences — and Tala is left on her own to make a difficult decision.

Written and directed by Kenneth Dagatan, In My Mother’s Skin is his sophomore feature film that received critical acclaim worldwide. The film features Felicity Kyle Napuli, Beauty Gonzales, Jasmine Curtis-Smith, Angeli Bayani and James Mavie Estrella.

Dagatan’s first debut film, Ma, released in 2018, competed at the 18th edition of the 2019 New York Asian Film Festival. The rising film director has continuously transmuted his profound appreciation for the horror genre through his filmography, eliciting screams and all sorts of emotions from viewers.

The film is the only non-English language film to premiere at Sundance Film Festival’s “Midnight Section” — a category featuring a global collection of world-class horror films.

The Filipino horror flick also debuted internationally in prestigious film festivals like South Korea’s Bucheon International Fantastic Film Festival, Canada’s Fantasia, Czech Republic’s Karlovy Vary, Malaysia’s Miffest and Switzerland’s Neuchatel.