PAL uniform trumps them; voted best in the world

PAL photo via flygosh

In a recent poll conducted by aviation content creator Mond Ortiz, which asked people to vote for the best flight attendant uniforms of 2024, Philippine Airlines (PAL) emerged as the top choice among his online readers.

This was from a selection of 30 airline uniforms pre-selected for the poll. A total of 726 people cast their votes, with PAL receiving the highest percentage at 16.75%, closely followed by Emirates at 15.78% and Etihad at 9.22%.

PAL’s flight attendant uniform, inspired by Luis Marco R. Antonio’s 1991 design, features a flag blue suit, with a floral scarf likely depicting the sampaguita, for women and similarly styled attire for men. “This uniform showcases a blend of professionalism, elegance, and a hint of Philippine cultural heritage,” Ortiz said.