Painting life with data for a better tomorrow

We live in the age of data where life is very much influenced by information. Our society is powered and inspired by data sets that propel economies, explore possibilities and change lives. And all of this happens both onscreen and off-screen. Data is king, and it brings new and contemporary delights and advancements with it. Most significant of its gifts is helping bridge the knowledge of ages ago to enrich our modern lives. Literally painting life powered by data with the brushstrokes of masters past.

‘The Wisdom of Da Vinci: An Immersive AI Experience’ exhibit at One Bonifacio High Street. | photographs courtesy of eastwest


Art by the numbers

“The Wisdom of Da Vinci: An Immersive AI Experience” is one such gift brought to life by information. The immersive art experience merges the power of data processing and the masterworks of Leonardo Da Vinci and other iconic artists into an audio-visual display. The result is an enthralling and singular experience, where the attendees become canvasses themselves as they step into the projections of data-painted art. The exhibit can be visited at One Bonifacio High Street until October.

This convergence of hard data and art is what drew the attention of EastWest Ageas. The exhibit’s imagery was sourced from paintings, books, traditional CSV files and even statistics to create art that evokes the deepest of emotions and imagination.

Heart and data

“We decided to sponsor this exhibition because our business is about data and emotions,” shares Sjoerd Smeets, president and chief executive officer of EastWest Ageas.

The business of ensuring the people’s future and assets has a bedrock built on data and information. This makes sure that all the decisions regarding the customers are founded on fact and rational thinking.

“But in the end, we are here to serve our customers at difficult moments,” Sjoerd says. “Our business has a clear purpose: protect families during their most vulnerable moments and bring them comfort and security.” And this requires emotional intelligence, a feat that no data set can muster.

EastWest Ageas believes that it is the union of the human capacity to empathize and the clear sightedness of data that can elevate the industry into the next level of service. Joub Miradora, EastWest Ageas’ chief customer officer succinctly summarizes this: “For true service, we want to provide a customer-centric service that gives clear solutions fueled by data and delivered with a human heart.”


Data-powered and people-focused

Much like how the curators behind the “Wisdom of Da Vinci” selected the AI art pieces for the exhibit, EastWest Ageas believes in the power of data to become more people focused. By leveraging data, EastWest Ageas aims to paint the lives of their customers and more Filipinos with a suite of solutions tailored for their unique needs. At the forefront of this is their customer experience strategy.

“As we know that only around three percent of the Filipino population has life insurance,” Sjoerd shares. “There is still a long way to go.” With its data-powered customer experience strategy, EastWest Ageas hopes to change that number and help more Filipinos paint their tomorrows better for them and their loved ones.