Owning an original Kenneth Cobonpue can be this reachable

If you’ve always wanted to own an original Kenneth Cobonpue piece of furniture and you happen to be a Bank of the Philippine Islands credit card holder, well, you are in luck!

The two brands have a longtime partnership that allows BPI customers to avail of big discounts and flexible payment terms.

This year, the exclusive promo event will run from 19 to 21 October, according to BPI’s Alma Aldip. The head of Unsecured Lending and Cards, as well as Merchant Marketing, gave the full details during the intimate media launch held last week at the Kenneth Cobonpue flagship store located at The Residences at Greenbelt in Makati City.


Aldip said BPI credit card holders would get a 20-percent discount from their furniture purchases. They could also make use of flexible payment terms, such as zero interest for the installment basis for up to six months, with the first month’s due going to be charged only three months later. Those with Platinum cards could even attend the private viewing of Kenneth Cobonpue’s latest collection on 18 October.

The discount promo also applies to BPI debit card holders, along with the bank’s preferred customers and private wealth customers.

For his part, the world-renowned and multi-awarded Filipino designer told DAILY TRIBUNE in an interview at the event that his shop doesn’t go on sale with reduced prices, opting for a business partnership such as the one with BPI.

So now is your chance to finally get your hands on an original Kenneth Cobonpue. You can start from the iconic and globally recognized pieces, such as the Bloom, Yoda, Dragnet and Pigalle chairs, or you can go straight to the latest collection.

“We usually debut our products abroad — in Europe, in Milan,” Cobonpue said while doing a presentation. “But for this occasion, we chose this event to showcase some new products.”

He started with the Betty sculpture that’s been named after his own mother “because she invented this technique working with rattan back in 1972, when I was still a small boy.” He went on explaining that the sculpture can be custom-made according to the given space and it will be unique every time.

Cobonpue then introduced the Spin chair, which is made of carbon fiber — the material used in the aerospace and automobile industries. “It’s one of the two carbon fiber chairs in the world,” he said, gesturing to the piece of furniture. “The other one we also make for another company.

“This is actually a breakthrough product. It took us two to three years to develop. We were looking for a shape that best utilizes carbon fiber until we chose the spirograph. It makes beautiful patterns. Again, against the light, it creates beautiful shadows. There’s an easy armchair, which is a low one. There’s also a dining chair.”

He went on talking about the other new products, such as the Gingko chair, Barnacle lights, Kodo tables, Fish Tail lamps and Cabaret bed, as well as the return of the Conch Light lamps designed by his good friend Luisa Robinson for the Kenneth Cobonpue brand.

Then he shared the exciting news about the KCurated line that carries “more reachable” products. “We’ve made the prices more affordable, actually,” he said. The Tweet lantern, for instance, sells for P5,900. The beautiful portable lamp with rechargeable light has an equally pleasing goldfish version.