Out-of-body travel

“Lately, I have been hearing a lot about so-called astral projections. What exactly does this term mean? Is there any truth to stories of people who are able to leave their bodies temporarily and then go back to them?” — Capricorn, Manila

There is now a growing body of scientific evidence tending to confirm the reality of astral projection — or what modern researchers prefer to call “out-of-body experience.” The evidence stems largely from the investigations of near-death experiences conducted independently by Dr. Elizabeth Kubler-Ross and Dr. Raymond Moody of the United States.

They showed that people who have been declared clinically dead and later on regained consciousness were able to describe what happened to them in the “afterlife.” In addition, they were surprised to learn that people who were thought to be dead, or at least unconscious at the time, could describe in great detail the exact words and actions of the doctors and attendants as they tried to revive the patient. The investigations of Drs. Ross and Moody showed that human consciousness is never interrupted — and that there is life after death.

Of course, the belief in the phenomenon of astral projection is an ancient one. But it was regarded before as a myth by the majority of the people and by the scientists. But with the growing evidence of the ability of man’s consciousness to be temporarily separated from its physical vehicle, science can no longer ignore it or deny its reality.

Cases of lucid dreams, where the dreamer feels he is actually living the actions being dreamed and in full color, too, are now considered to be “out-of-body experiences” or astral projections. In other words, when you have an extremely lucid or vivid dream, it is likely that it is not a dream at all but you are actually there performing the actions in the astral plane.

According to occult and mystic writers, it is possible to train ourselves to perform conscious astral projections. But it takes time and a great deal of discipline and patience. The ability to visualize things clearly and the ability to completely relax one’s whole being (not just the body) are essential steps toward conscious astral projections.

It is, however, not advisable to attempt astral projection unless guided by a responsible expert or guru because one could encounter some dangers in the astral plane. With proper guidance and purity of intention, however, this can be accomplished without serious adverse consequences.

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