Okada Manila shines bright with synchronized ‘harmony lights’

Step into a world of enchantment as Okada Manila unveils its annual spectacle of holiday wonder ­­­— the “Harmony of Lights” Christmas lighting. 

Transforming the renowned property into a dazzling winter paradise, this mesmerizing display is more than a visual feast; it’s a symphony of lights that dance in perfect harmony, creating an immersive experience that captures the spirit of the season. 

Okada Manila formally ushered in the holiday with a stunning display of seasonal cheer last Friday night, 10 November, with a gigantic Christmas tree that was beautifully decorated with confectionary-inspired décor. 

Under the theme “Harmony of Lights,” Okada Manila’s yearly Christmas celebrations got underway, and guests enjoyed immersing themselves in the lovely Christmas Village.

The spectacular event showcased the dynamic presence of Julie Anne San Jose, dubbed “Asia’s Limitless Star,” who serenaded various Christmas hits, including “Sana Ngayon Pasko.” 

The Malabon Concert Singers and the Okada Manila Entertainment Group also provided melodic accompaniment to the festivities. Radio DJ and seasoned host Alex Sy led the magical evening.

Following that, Wendy Ni, vice president for Strategic Marketing at Okada Manila, shared her remarks, setting the tone for the evening. The festivities officially commenced with a toast led by the executives, marking the beginning of a memorable night.

It was the ideal tone for the holiday enchantment; the atmosphere was truly magical. The event included a captivating “Christmas Village,” a bustling “Noel Bazaar,” a vibrant “Christmas Bazaar,” and a mesmerizing “Nightly Lights Show.” Okada Manila invites everyone to experience the essence of Christmas at “Home of Wonder: A Christmas Wonderland.”

Everyone can check out the Crystal Pavilion with their loved ones to explore a world of interactive booths with a Christmas theme, take in the nightly lights show and find treasures related to the holidays. To make sure that everyone who visits experiences the magic of the season, Okada Manila has been transformed into a haven of festive delights.

Enjoy the twinkling wonderland in Okada style, where celebrations are brought to life with a special fusion of contemporary luxury and tradition. The property creates the perfect atmosphere for an unforgettable holiday celebration with its enchanted decorations and delectable food.