The soft, fluffy and butter-rich ensaymada is pretty fantastic all by itself, but when you top it with a chocolate and hazelnut spread, it’s positively decadent and to-die-for!

Yes, this sublime confection — given a delicious twist and topping — is freshly baked upon order and has a buttery mouth-feel with no preservatives added.

Nutella Ensaymada is just one of the many bestselling flavors Pearl M. De Guzman of Baby Pat Breads and Pastries has been offering for more than a decade now. Among the all-time favorites are Classic Quezo de Bola, Ube Queso de Bola, Tablea, Gruyere, Sweet Ham and Salted Egg, Bacon, Peanut Butter Chocnut, Speculoos, Spam, Matcha, Latik and Mocha.

“Baby Pat Breads and Pastries is a cozy home-based business that I’ve lovingly nurtured for many years now,” shares De Guzman. “And at the heart of it all are the traditional and flavored ensaymadas that have become my pride and joy.”

She adds: “I’ve been on this baking journey for quite a while now, long before Baby Pat came into existence. My inspiration? None other than my beloved mother, Mama Pat, who founded Pat’s Cake House in Cavite City back in 1976. It was there that I was introduced to the enchanting world of baking, surrounded by my mother’s baked creations. It was a nurturing ground for my passion and the embodiment of tradition.”

De Guzman admits that her baking pays homage to her mother’s memory and a means to carry forward her cherished legacy. Baby Pat was born out of De Guzman’s love for baking and her desire to share the rich tapestry of Filipino flavors with the world. With each ensaymada, De Guzman claims, she weaves tradition and innovation into a delectable masterpiece.

“The heart of Baby Pat lies in the sheer joy I derive from my craft,” she says. “Baking is not just a task; it’s a labor of love, an expression of devotion to my mother’s legacy, and a medium to share my passion with others. The satisfaction I gain from crafting Baby Pat ensaymadas is immeasurable. Each batch is infused with my heart and soul, meticulously prepared to ensure that every bite carries a piece of my unwavering commitment to baking excellence.”

To order Baby Pat’s baked goodies, call or text 0917-7901127. FB and IG: mybabypat.