No-make up Marian Rivera is still stunning

Dingdong Dantes took to Instagram to appreciate his wife Marian Rivera’s hard work while packing gift bags for their employees on Labor Day, Monday 1 May.

But what awed netizens was how beautiful the 38-year-old mother of two still looked bare-faced.

“Good morning to this incredible woman who runs our household. Despite it being a holiday today, I woke up a little later than usual and saw her downstairs, busy with something. As I made my way to the living room, I saw her packing goodie bags for our company party tonight,” Dantes wrote.

“Let’s give a shoutout to all the amazing homemakers out there who work tirelessly to make their homes comfortable and loving place.

“And happy Labor Day to all the hardworking individuals, regardless of what kind of work you do—who strive to make a difference every day,” he added.