Next big gig

Today’s generations are at the forefront of embracing the gig economy, and this is revolutionizing the traditional employment landscape. Fueled by a desire for flexibility and independence, millennials and Gen Z are increasingly turning to gig opportunities or side hustles.

This was the insight that inspired Sun Life Philippines’ recently launched campaign, “The Next Big Gig,” which invites today’s generation to venture into becoming a financial advisor as their next side hustle.

At the event, Sun Life financial advisors shared their own personal stories to enlighten the audience about how this gig gives them income opportunities, the freedom of time and a sense of fulfillment in helping their clients start their journey towards financial security.

All these were, likewise, reflected in Sun Life’s newest digital video, which premiered during the event. It features various individuals who are also financial advisors, such as a school teacher, an online seller, a corporate employee, and an entrepreneur — all of whom enjoy the perks of being a financial advisor, namely the earnings, travel incentives, finding an advocacy, and the rewarding feeling of being your clients’ partner for life.

To add an experiential element to the event, there were three main “pods” or activity booths that simulated the experiences of a financial advisor. Each pod allowed the attendees to win exclusive Sun Life merchandise and prizes.

The “Next Big Quiz” pod was a quiz booth with questions on life insurance to challenge the attendees’ knowledge on the subject matter. The second pod was entitled “Next Big Destination,” which was an international-themed photo wall. This represented the travel incentives of Sun Life advisors. Lastly, the third pod was called, “Next Big Project.”

This booth showcased advisors’ corporate social responsibility activities and included a voting apparatus that asked what project advisors should support next.