New wave of sparkle

SWAROVSKI’S latest collection features figurative motifs captured in different styles. | Photographs courtesy of swarovski

The magic of the ocean is the inspiration for Swarovski’s Spring/Summer 2024 collection.

Global creative director Giovanna Engelbert has taken her cues from the myriad forms inhabiting the aquatic world and the underwater gardens that are home to its extraordinary flora and fauna to create beautiful new designs.

Shining silhouettes showcase mixed cuts and multi-faceting pieces that capture the light like the sun shimmering on the surface of the sea.

Abstract interpretations of sea creatures take shape through domed coins suggesting sea urchins, and beautifully crafted designs ripple like waves.

Figurative motifs include starfish and seahorses, while the geometric beauty of seashells is captured in a range of different styles.

Swarovski’s joyful extravagance is infused throughout the Spring/Summer 2024 Collection. Light-catching crystals and expert faceting lend themselves beautifully to depicting the motion and motifs of the sea. Signature families continue to develop and evolve, including Lucent, Millenia, Dextera, Hyperbola and Idyllia.

Each new piece harmoniously interacts with its family, resulting in a smooth interplay that introduces melodious ebbs and flows to the marine symphony.