New go-to spa for self-care inside a mall


Taking regular breaks from the fast-paced city life isn’t only a must to prevent burnout and promote overall well-being, it’s also crucial for achieving lifelong happiness. Tune out and escape from the demands of urban living at Travertine Spa & Wellness at Shangri-La Plaza, known for its invigorating wellness offerings.

While Travertine Spa & Wellness is nestled right in the middle of the bustling city, it’s designed to transport you to a tranquil sanctuary where you’re greeted with a gentle hum of calming music and soothing ambiance. Named after the travertine rock often found in hot springs, this longevity and wellness hub is under the Avignon Clinic, an aesthetic, dermatology and wellness center with a team of medical experts.

(FROM left) Ayen Florendo (SLPC marketing manager), Christine Ong Te (president of Christine Ong Te Events), Joy Polloso (EVP Commercial and Retail, Shang Properties Inc), Christopher Cachuela (president of Avignon Clinic), Haena Sanbie Foo (CEO of Jhaena Jewels) Myze Bangayan (general manager of Travertine Longevity and Wellness).

Travertine offers personalized wellness programs that are designed to address individual needs. Each of these programs is designed by an internationally trained team of naturopathic doctors and nurses, ensuring that guests receive the highest standard of care and attention to detail.

Choose from a range of Spa Therapy treatments that include relieving Stress Escape Therapy, classic Philippine Hilot and the gentle Manual Lymphatic Drainage Earth Stone Therapy. It also has a set of Wellness Therapy treatments like the collagen-boosting Shockwave Therapy to reduce joint pain and increase skin elasticity, and even the stimulating Acupuncture and Sound Healing to help address pain, stress and sleep problems. Adding to Travertine’s lineup are its yoga sessions, giving guests a truly holistic approach to wellness.

The wellness hub also offers a near-infrared sauna, which uses light to penetrate body tissues, providing benefits like deep tissue heating, cellular repair, enhanced circulation, pain relief from the likes of arthritis and increased energy levels and vitality.

“Travertine Spa & Wellness is committed to the pursuit of a fulfilling life. When we say ‘Time for Travertine,’ consider this as an invitation to invest in your well-being at our tranquil suites, where self-care, mindfulness and vitality are not just practices but a way of life,” shares Myze Bangayan, general manager at Travertine Longevity & Wellness. 

“Travertine Spa & Wellness’ dedication to the pursuit of luxury, longevity and wellness makes it a great addition to the Shang’s lineup of brands and services,” says Joy R. Polloso, executive vice president for Retail and Commercial at Shang Properties. “We’re happy to offer our mall guests and the Shang Central community new experiences that can enrich their daily lives.”

 Travertine Spa & Wellness is on the fifth floor, Main Wing at Shangri-La Plaza, Mandaluyong City.