New ETEEAP courses launched at Benilde


The Expanded Tertiary Education, Equivalency and Accreditation Program of the De La Salle-College of Saint Benilde has introduced new degrees to provide industry practitioners with opportunities to pursue quality higher education.

The ETEEAP is an academic initiative that allows individuals to attain a degree through an assessment process that recognizes, credits and gives equivalencies to knowledge, skills and prior learning gained from relevant formal, non-formal and informal training.

These ETEEAP deputized courses are crafted to be completed in one school year through a personalized and individualized delivery.


The college now offers the following: Bachelor of Science in Information Systems, Bachelor of Arts in Music Production, Bachelor of Arts in Production Design and Bachelor in Performing Arts Major in Dance.


ETEEAP for Information Systems is available for database administrators, Information Technology consultants, researchers, software engineers, website and application developers and search engine optimization analysts.

All seasoned composers, live performers, music arrangers, recording engineers and producers, songwriters, sound designers and electronic musicians may apply for ETEEAP Music Production.


The ETEEAP for Production Design, on the other hand, accepts costume, exhibit and set designers, production design, prosthetics and puppetry specialists, special effects artists and models.

Professionals in arts administration, choreography, pedagogy, performing arts and production management may enroll in ETEEAP for Performing Arts Major in Dance.

These opportunities are open to Filipino citizens at least 23 years old or above, are high school graduates, possess at least five years of reputable work experience and have participated in seminars and conferences.

Associates and staff who have earned their first degree but are currently in a different profession may also obtain a second degree through the ETEEAP, especially if their present jobs are aligned with these programs.

Once accepted, they can attend the final validation assessments and learning acquisition activities through the Benilde online learning platform BigSky and other digital forms of communication such as Zoom, video calls, discussion boards and other interactive technology.

They can likewise access the school’s facilities, such as specialized laboratories, computer rooms with software utilization and theaters for productions.

Apart from the mentioned accredited opportunities, the college also earlier launched Bachelor of Science in Hotel, Restaurant and Institution Management under ETEEAP.