My favorite wellness finds

Because life is a never-ending discovery of new developments and breakthroughs, every day is a delightful and satisfying search for the latest finds.

1. Perfect Skin. Facials are a regular regimen for almost everyone looking to maintain their complexion. Introducing Hydra Facial a unique, patented technology that exfoliates, cleanses and moisturizes the skin through a special process. It is more than a facial because it saturates the skin with a nourishing serum through the use of a gentle device. Call ToledoMed branches nationwide for their Christmas holiday offer: 09175085438.

2. The ultimate exercise. It will have to be Pilates. Remember that exercise is a must if you wish to have a toned and fit body. Health experts have said time and again that in order to ensure longevity, at least 30 to 45 minutes of exercise should be part of a daily regimen. A strong cardiovascular system necessitates a cardio workout. However, just as important is to learn how to stretch which guarantees flexibility, especially needed in your senior years for a gentle but effective fitness routine. Try Pilates at Options Studio branches. Email [email protected] (Bellevue Manila).

3. ReLuxation. There are many home massage services to choose from but none like ReLuxation, owned and operated by Architect Rey John Lorca. The one to two-hour massage services range from Hilot to Swedish massage by well-trained therapists. One particular treatment is the signature deep tissue massage. The service comes complete with relaxing mood, music and therapy oils. Call 09175123071.

4. One World Deli. Health-conscious individuals are always looking for dining options that offer flexibility and personalized and curated meal choices. Now there is One World Deli in Makati. They offer you the freedom to improvise on the menu by doing your own personalized shopping in their in-house store of gourmet delights. Note that they have special veggie dishes. Visit Annex, Urban Building, 11 Jupiter Street, Makati City.

5. Great outdoors at Perlas ng Silang. This is undoubtedly the gem of Silang, Cavite, horticulturist Boyet Ganigan and Dr. Jae Silvestre, located on Pulong Bunga Road, Silang, Cavite. A splendid horticultural and floral showcase, tshe family restaurant is nestled amidst splendid floral garden outside and surrounded by an exotic plant showcase in the dining area. Food offering includes fresh tarragon tea, garden salad and other Asian specialties. Email [email protected]

Affirmation: “I am self-sufficient and self-reliant.”

Love and light!