My Alphabet Bucket List

There’s this cool improv game called ABC Soap, and it’s basically running a scene where the players ask for a long word prompt, then use the letters of that word to start the sentences of their scene with. This is a derivative of the original Alphabet Game, which uses the letter sequence of the alphabet to play a scene.

I wanna make this piece fun by combining my topic of bucket list and the Alphabet Game. I’ll try to be as “improvisational” about it as I can, in the spirit of the game — so I won’t overthink, and also not over-explain, just write what’s top of mind and top of heart. Let’s see what comes up!

A — Adventures, because life is a daring adventure or nothing, and I intend to be on the lookout for unusual and exciting things that appeal greatly to me and just go for it!

B — Broadway, because I love theater, especially musical theater, and want to experience watching the best productions in the Great White Way. And Breakthroughs, which means growth!

C — Coaching career that’s thriving, because it’s my spiritual career, and my social entrepreneurship vehicle of choice.

D — Dogs, which everyone knows I love, and I intend to always have a couple of furbabies in my life. And Drum lessons, because I’m a self-taught drummer, and would love to get better at it.

PHOTOGRAPH COURTESY OF pexels/bluebird | I INTEND to have a couple of furbabies in my life.
PHOTOGRAPH COURTESY OF pexels/bluebird | I INTEND to have a couple of furbabies in my life.

E — Event for top coaches and other helping professionals, a dream project that I will put together, hopefully sooner rather than later.

F — Flower garden, because I love flowers, and I wanna have a flower garden in my terrace, or in a future bigger house with space for an honest-to-goodness garden.

G — Go-with-the-flow, because this is my mantra of choice, and something I want to imbibe as a habit.

H — Heartwarming stuff, like conversations, books, films, experiences, which I intend to fill my life with.

I — Improv, which is my past-time of choice—both performing and watching, and I would like to develop an Applied Improv workshop for coaches.

J — Jive dance, which suits my personality, and I want to learn it while I can still skip and bounce around as the dance requires.

K — Keepsakes, which I wish to gift my dearest and closest with; the goal is to give them something I own and value that suits them to a tee.

L — Lightworker, which is a mission I’m working on to embody.

M — Mommy’s 80th birthday celebration this year, which is something I want to organize and surprise her with (so ssssshhh).

N — Nature trips, because we have a gorgeous planet, in spite of everything, and there’s still so much I have to discover and feast my senses on the world over.

O — Oracle card deck, because this is another dream project of mine, and I want to create an inspired deck for my coaching Signature Program.

P — Podcast, also a dream project, and something a number of friends have suggested I do; what a treat it would be to have animated conversations with people I admire and immortalize these exchanges in a podcast.

PHOTOGRAPH COURTESY OF UNSPLASH/COTTONBRO | DOING podcasts is a dream project of mine.

Q — Queenlike, which is my chosen way of being, plus basically the heart of my signature Dating Queen Program.

R — Retreat space, because I would love to have my own perfect place to hold coaching retreats and workshops in.

S — Self-love and self-care, which need to be constant, because we are worth it, and love is our birthright.

T — Team for my coaching practice, one that’s after my own heart. And True love, because #goals!

U — Uplifting stuff, which includes my column, a second (maybe even a third) book when the time is right, and a dream foundation—all for sharing blessings and giving back.

V — Vacations, because I will always be work-play balanced, and travelling rocks.

W — Women’s Circle, yet another dream project, run by myself and other like-minded women trainers.

X — Xmas traditions, because Christmas is love, family, and all things warm and cheery, and it’s never too late to create new traditions.

Y — Youthfulness, because age is just a number, and I intend to remain young at heart.

Z — Zeitgeist-inspired coaching practice, because I aim to always meet real needs that bring forth timely transformations.

So this is how the rest of my life will look like if it were up to me. And no, it doesn’t have to happen in alphabetical order. Care to make your own Alphabet Bucket List?