More meat-free options for Lent

Photograph courtesy of Newport World Resorts Steamed clams.

For the season of Lent, Newport World Resorts offers an array of diverse cuisines and different meat-free fares.

Yawaragi at Hotel Okura Manila crafts an arrangement of the freshest seafood and vegetables with the Teishoku Lunch Set Menu. Delight in Teriyaki Glazed Grilled Atlantic Cod, Black Tiger Prawns and other meat-free dishes. Every set comes with rice, miso soup and fruits.

Hilton Manila, on the other hand, offers a variety of seafood dining experiences all year round. Diners get to choose their preferred method of cooking for Black and Red Garoupa at Hua Yuan. The signature Shanghainese restaurant also features a well-curated Lobster Menu. Plenty of meatless options can also be found at Kusina Sea Kitchens’ buffet spread, including steamed fish and plated orders of sushi and maki.

The Silk Road at Newport Grand Wing adds one of the most popular Thai dishes to its international menu come March. The Pla Muek Neung Manao features steamed squid infused with fragrant lime chili garlic sauce. The Steamed Squid in Thai Style is served with rice vermicelli great for sharing between two to three persons.

For all of March, Newport Garden Wing’s award-winning restaurants are also serving a selection of seafood dishes. Victoria Harbour Cafe puts forward a platter of clams steamed in Chinese wine with ginger and shrimp paste while the addition of patola, a tender gourd, provides a refreshing textured element.