Modern romance

CASUALS reimagined. | Photographs courtesy of by Jav Velasco

Contemporary menswear is in the mood for love this summer.  Local brand Ched Studio is leading the pack as it presents “mundane romanticism,” its latest collection for the season.

Making the simple less ordinary, each piece is reimagined, re-crafted, with rich hand embroideries in distinct and impressive custom fabrications. 

Love is in the air as the collection takes inspiration from artful themes of spring flowers from vintage silk tapestries. The custom textiles from Aklan are then cut from hand-woven pineapple silk and cotton resulting in outstandingly bespoke-like creations.

Ched Studio’s fabric of the moment is the new spring blossoms piña silk barong that is giving menswear Filipiñana a modern spin.

Fashioned for change, the look is a mix and match or mismatched reinterpretation of summer’s code of dressing.  A shirt, short pant and vest get a little more love with attention to detail.

Ched Studio takes pride and thrives in the beauty of its uniqueness and novelty. It produces very well thought of pieces, meticulously sourced from fabric to detailing, and which have a certain point of view that has relevance. 

Love their penchant for romancing fashion with a certain particularity, newness and style that makes a statement of its own.

Ched Studio is available at and IG Chedstudio.