Mocha gets away to Subic

Vlogger-dancer Mocha Uson is back on track! After figuring out in a motorcycle accident last year, the former Duterte government official is seen active again in riding big bikes.

Just like her former boss, Mocha is fond of riding big bikes, especially when going out of town.

In the photos she shared on social media, she seemed to ride her way on a motorcycle going to Subic Bay on Saturday, as one picture shows that she was on the road driving a BMW big bike.

Other photos show her posing by the shore in her purple sports bra and black biker’s pants, enjoying what seems to be a Mocha frappe at the beach, and posing at the resort’s frontage.

As seen in her post, she was staying at ACEA Subic Beach Resort in Zambales for her weekend getaway.

See some photos here: