MMD gets her turn answering that Miss Universe final question, introduces brother

Michelle Marquez Dee impressed people with her eloquence during her much-awaited stint on “Fast Talk with Boy Abunda”, where she answered every question Boy threw at her with no hesitation. She said she chose not to dwell on the controversial art card but was candid that she wished she could have spoken on the pageant as it was what she prepared for the most.

As for that final Miss Universe question, she answered Apo Whang Od as she is “an amazing symbol of cultural preservation and [anti] ageism. She has been defying boundaries, stereotypes, and that is something that I have tried to inspire everybody around me as well, which is to hone your unique story, own your traditions, love where you came from…My love for our country can really shake the whole universe as well.”

On Miss Thailand Antonnia Porsild, Dee said, “We’re both very sarcastic and we both have dark humor.” Dee also revealed that she’s going to Thailand, presumably for a project with Porsild.

When her brother Abraham Lawyer joined her on the couch. Lawyer has also been getting a lot of attention of late, and when asked if he is going to be in showbiz, big sister answered, “If the opportunity presents itself.”