Mine green gold

By mobilizing materials and minerals essential for transitioning global economic to net-zero emissions, Orica Philippines charts the course toward a lower-carbon future for all. | Photograph courtesy of orica

The Philippines, renowned for its vast mineral resources, stands at the forefront of a transformative phase in the mining industry.

Orica Philippines is a part of Orica, one of the world’s leading mining and infrastructure solutions providers and has been providing products, services and technology to the Philippines mining sector over 50 years ago, leading the sector by expanding and diversifying its local operations.

Gordon Wallace, country head of Orica Philippines: “With the support of a vast network of over 12,500+ professionals worldwide, we are ready to enhance operations and present an extensive portfolio of solutions and technology that drive productivity for our valued customers across the Philippines.”

Orica Philippines leverages its global expertise to pioneer safer and more sustainable mining solutions.

The company produces and supplies explosives, blasting systems, mining chemicals and geotechnical monitoring, in addition to our cutting-edge digital solutions and a comprehensive range of services.

Orica introduces innovative products such as BlastIQ and WebGen 200.

BlastIQ is a cloud-based platform that provides effective storage, management, sharing and referencing of all blast-related information.

While the WebGen 200 signals a step-change in in-hole initiation and offers versatility for blast planning and design, it is also a decisive step on the path towards full automation of drill and blast operations in the future.