Miles and Elijah break up

In an interview with News 5, Elijah Canlas, who can be currently seen on “Senior High”, admitted that he and Miles Ocampo have broken up.   “We went through a rough patch because we were going through our own personal stuff. Yeah, we’re figuring things out. I think we’re okay, we’re not mad at each other or anything like that.”

When asked if they were still together, “Sadly, no,” Elijah admits. “We broke up a couple of months ago,”

Elijah was quick to add, “I’m always going to have love for her and I’m always going to support her in whatever she does. I’m always going to be her number one fan, basically, but right now we’re just taking our time figuring ourselves and our lives right now.”     

The couple were together for two years and got close on the set of “Paano ang Pasko?” the Jun Lana-directed teleserye that ran from 2020-2021 on TV5.