Merrymaking in style at the Peak

Nothing could be more thrilling and, yes, fulfilling, than when you are in the company of friends, family, and associates you care about and who, in turn, care about you.

Rustan’s chairperson and CEO Nedy Tantoco.
Photographs by Sonny Espiritu, King Rodriguez, and Joey Sanchez Mendoza for the Daily Tribune.
TATA Consultancy Services Inc. executive director Mani Raman (left) and senior sales director Romar Sto. Domingo.
Cheeney Eugenio, Miller Yuson, Raven Cabalonga, Manny Angeles, Alvin Kasiban, Pauline Pascual, Pauline Songco, Jelene Galvan, Avic Clemente, Dinah Ventura, Komfie Manalo, Chingbee Fernandez (front, third from right), Renato Eugenio and Nico Eugenio.
Willie Fernandez and Dianne Bacelonia.
Jojo Silvestre and Joey Silvestre.
Gio dela Piedra, Joseph Solangon and Kenneth Tabornal.
Liza Reyes, Willie Fernandez and Joe Zaldarriaga.
THe Peak’s Porchetta.
Jazz Ferriol, Arra Caparas and Meryll Rocha.
Willie Fernandez and Eric Apolonio.
Alvin Kasiban, Pauline Joyce Pascual, Raven Cabalonga, Pauline Songco, Khrisna Hope Akut, Joy Asagra, Michael Pingol, Kenneth Tabornal, John Dexter Geran, Miller Yuson, Christian Mar Baracena and Gilbert Maravilla.
Romina Gervacio and Doris Jimenez.


The operative word for this is loyalty, and the tremendous turnout of merrymakers the night Daily Tribune celebrated its 23rd anniversary proves that 2023’s most outstanding newspaper, according to the Rotary of Manila’s Pro Patria Journalism Awards, has more than its ample share of loyal supporters and, yes, writers and editors. Talk about loyalty!

Celebrating this milestone at The Peak of the Grand Hyatt BGC, easily the most magnificent hotel in this part of Manila, could not have been more fitting, this being the rendezvous place of the country’s most influential and celebrated, most beautiful and successful, and everyone who is at the top of the world.

As though it were a coming out party for their favored child, which in a way it was, magic couple Willie and Chingbee Fernandez made sure to give the best evening to the Daily Tribune’s well-wishers, with all the glam elements of a memorable night, from the delectable buffet spread to scintillating music, a majestic view of the city and spirits that flowed endlessly — which was their nifty yet grand way of thanking those who have been most supportive of the country’s fastest growing paper. And mind you, when we talk about growth, I literally mean the number of pages, advertisers, and the best of Filipino talent in journalism and mass media.

I shall not sing praises to my own paper, for that would be immodest, although that is something I am very much used to. Instead, let me show on this page some of the faces that graced the night, and I wish I could add more, but for the space.