Mellie’s ‘Barbie world’

It was a “Pink Letter Day” as all roads led to Amelia, the family estate of the Ablazas in Alfonso, Cavite, last 10 December 2023 to celebrate the birthday of Amelia “Mellie” Romero Ablaza. 

The beautiful and ever gracious Mellie, the honorary consul of Guatemala and one of Society’s hostesses with the mostest, once again enthralled her guests with a one-of-a-kind party. Her son Jun Jun Ablaza, who wove his creative magic for his mom’s birthday, created an all-pink world inspired by the Barbie doll. Such party is almost every girl’s dream. And for one who has always been young at heart like Mellie, Barbie is the perfect inspiration for a themed party fit for a lady of substance, grace and style, who has defied her years with her youthful doll-like glow.

Mellie, who is always punctual, arrived early to welcome her well-wishers at their hacienda’s chapel, where a Mass was held before the festivities started. Despite her beloved Louie not being able to attend due to an unexpected physical situation, the rest of her beautiful family was there to party in their pink ensembles. 

Jun Jun and Czarina Ablaza Syquia, who are always uniquely stylish, as usual were flocked by guests who wanted photos with them. Of course, Mellie who was as perfectly coifed and styled like a Barbie doll, was a lovely sight in her pink hued t’nalak gown by Steve de Leon. The guests did not disappoint as well, as they arrived wearing different hues of pink in their own interpretation of Barbie and Ken doll outfits.

The December climate and the breezy weather was just perfect for an outdoor cocktail time after Mass. Surrounded by hedges and greens, the swimming pool area, where guests enjoyed mini burgers, tarts, corndogs and unlimited serving of ice cream, was converted into a Barbie pink pool party place decorated with canopies, rubber flamingoes and assorted inflatables just like a scene from the Barbie movie. Of course, completing the setup were great looking models dressed up as Barbies and Kens in leisure wear dancing, frolicking and swimming at the pool.

The ballroom was the most magical. It was a fabulous Barbieland in pink! Imagine three life-sized dolls towering the presidential table where the birthday girl Mellie was seated together with the diplomats. The partygoers dressed up as their own versions of Barbies and Kens. Guests enjoyed a sumptuous gastronomic treat for lunch prepared by no less than chef Jessie Sincioco. And, of course, great music and non-stop dancing followed all afternoon.

Mellie’s party truly gave us a taste of a vibrant Barbie doll haven at their majestic estate, which she proudly talked about as a loving gift from her forever Ken — her husband Louie, who built and completed their countryside home after eight years, just in time for their golden wedding anniversary back in 2015. 

Mellie is a real-life Barbie girl — blessed with attractive looks and a great, empowering personality. And Hacienda Amelia is her real-life Barbie world, where imaginations come to life through their many celebrations held there. Furthermore, it is their home, where the Ablaza family continues to create unforgettable moments and fill it up with beautiful, joyful memories through the years.