Megastar on being mindful with social media use

Sharon Cuneta and Kiko Pangilinan.

For the past few months, Sharon Cuneta has been keeping away from social media. She admitted having learned her lesson from past mistakes of answering back to her bashers online. “Halos lahat, pinatulan ko (Almost all of them, I confronted),” she admitted. “I should’ve been my old self who rises above that… These people have a false sense of power. I’ve learned so many things about myself.”

She expressed full support, though, for her husband Kiko Pangilinan’s filing of cyber libel cases against some owners of YouTube channels. “It’s about time. You choose your battle, as there are things na (that) die out in the end. Hayaan mo na lang, lalaki pa (Let it be, it will just worsen.)

“But there are instances na (that), ‘Teka muna, kahit naman (Wait a minute, maybe there’s) one hundred, may maniniwala dito (you will believe).’ You know, people who believe that everything that has been posted is true. There are people like that, kaya uso ang (that’s the reason for the rampant) fake news.”

Sharon then addressed what the content of those libelous videos: “This is way below the belt. Parang pinapalabas na naghiwalay daw kami ni (They’re like insinuating that I got separated from) Kiko because he did something to my eldest daughter. This is so nakakadiri (disgusting)! This is, sorry, really kababuyan.

“Hindi ba nila naiisip na hindi ako nakakulong, buhay pa si Kiko, so hindi totoo ’yun. (Laughs) Kasi kung totoo ’yun, napatay ko na s’ya, tapos na (Didn’t they think that I’m not in jail yet and Kiko is still alive? Meaning, it’s not true. Because if it’s true, I could’ve killed him. End of story).”