ManilArt 2023: From 2020 vision to ‘a new contemporary’

ManilArt celebrates15 years with the theme “A New Contemporary.” This marks the culmination of a series of themes that the art fair explored in recent years, emphasizing the legacy and tradition of Philippine art, while embracing new perspectives and the incorporation of new media.

In 2020, the art fair faced unprecedented challenges head-on with the theme “2020 Vision for a Future Reimagined,” ready to take on the country’s evolving artistic landscape. In 2021, the theme, “Continuing Legacies,” highlighted the art fair’s journey as a platform for the arts, celebrating tried and tested methods and paying homage to the artists behind its success. Last year, “Forging Futures” captured the spirit of progress as the fair began to navigate a post-pandemic world, ushering in a new era of artistic exploration.

ManilArt continues to be commited to excellence, built upon each iteration of its evolving journey — bridging the traditional and the contemporary, providing a space for an ever-expanding spectrum of old and new media expression in the visual arts.


At ManilArt 2023, there’s something for everyone. The art fair will showcase a diverse range of exhibits, featuring both traditional and interdisciplinary expressions. Attendees can explore captivating canvas-based and sculptural works, as well as delve into the world of functional and technology-based art. The fair also embraces various media, including automotive art and design, digital art, sound art and emerging forms like non-fungible tokens (NFTs) and phygital media.

Different galleries and their booths.

ManilArt also returns as a festival and fellowship for all art lovers via the grand gala opening, as well as VIP vernissage, artist’s night and various planned social and artistic engagements for collectors, artists and art aficionados. The milestone 15th year also celebrates the fair’s uninterrupted annual staging and having come out more responsive to the times.



Having gone through the crucible of global challenge, ManilArt 2023 retains the gains of being thrust onto the online sphere and continues to develop its online viewing platform and portals. These digital spaces allow for simultaneous, multi-location and satellite exhibitions, offering a larger showcase that brings art to wider audiences, allowing them to engage with art from the comfort of their own spaces.

ManilArt 2023 will continue to have satellite exhibitions around the country as well as expand its onsite offering through collaborations. These include projects with Museo Orlina, The Estate, Silangan Art Fair, Barasoain Church and the Manila Clock Tower.

As the flagship project for the Museums and Galleries Month of the National Commission for Culture and the Arts, ManilArt 2023 continues to abide by its mandate to strengthen creative economy and promote Philippine visual artistry through supporting art galleries, museums and associated institutions.

This year’s participating exhibitors are OMV Art Gallery, Galleria Nicolas, M Gallery MNL, Ysobel Art Gallery, AT Gallery, Renaissance Art Gallery, Artologist, Art for Space, Gallery du Soleil, Portrait Artists’ Society of the Philippines, Inc., Galerie Raphael, Gallery Nine, Annual Sculpture Review, Espacio Manila, Artes Orientes, Historia Arts, 371 Art Space, Village Art Gallery, Drybrush, Art Circle, Rayos Del Sol Gallery, Galerie Banez, NAMI, Galerie Artes, G9Online, Daloy Likha, Artalyer, and VCM.

Manila ART’23 will be held from 11 to 15 October at the SMX Aura Convention Center, Taguig City. Call (0977) 807 3369 or visit for details.