Luxury redefined in green living

GERRETT Lim, chief executive officer of The Mews Development.

Numerous studies have linked a healthy lifestyle with improved physical and mental health. Finding a place to connect with nature, the sky, sun, greenery, tranquil gardens and proper ventilation are increasingly popular ways for developers to integrate green features in their design. Those spaces became even more highly prized these days.

The Mariposa Mews, a low-density midrise development and the only LEED for Homes Gold-compliant project in the Philippines located in the boundary of Quezon City and San Juan, combines both luxury and sustainability.

“We wanted to showcase our holistic approach to sustainability,” said Gerrett Lim, chief executive officer of The Mews Development. “We believe it is not enough to have one or two features in a project and say it is sustainable. Consumers nowadays understand that to be truly sustainable, the approach has to respond to various sustainability challenges.”


The Mews Development Corporation has embraced design principles that created a harmonious connection between residents and nature. Mariposa Mews’ design integrates the newly appreciated attributes of nature into urban living.

With only 36 units spread over eight floors, the exclusive Mariposa Mews aims to push the envelope in green homes by offering highly energy-efficient features, clean, filtered fresh air and high-end healthy materials vetted by an international green building rating system.


In partnership with Terra Solutions Realty, Lim offers the Mariposa Mews, a mid-rise development targeting the country’s first commercially available LEED for Homes-certified project. Mariposa Mews aims to elevate the living experience of homebuyers and is located along C. Benitez and Mariposa Street, Quezon City, which features modern luxury design and thoughtfully designed spacious units that suit your lifestyle needs.


LEED for Homes certification

According to Lim, the rating system inscribed in the LEED certification reflects the company’s approach to green buildings. As a developer, Mariposa Mews addresses multiple aspects of the development, from the proper use of the site to energy efficiency, water conservation, healthy homes and materiality. In addition, LEED is the authority on green buildings internationally.

“For buyers, we want them to feel what living in a healthy home would be like and how that impacts their daily life. How their homes become a constant positive force to improve their mood, energy levels and happiness while reducing their exposure to harmful pollutants and chemicals,” he continued.

Lim explained that energy efficiency is critical in the project’s design because the Philippines has one of the highest energy costs in the Asian region. And with minimal use of renewable energy, the country also has one of the highest carbon emissions.

Living in Mariposa Mews can lower energy and water bills, which translates to less carbon emissions. The developers used materials such as Aerated Autoclaved Concrete smart blocks with less embodied carbon than regular concrete hollow blocks.

During construction, the project followed strict erosion and sedimentation control practices, which protected the neighborhood from construction waste. “We took extra care in ensuring that waste from our site does not clog up storm drains,” Lim stated.

Mariposa also uses premium materials, including quartz countertops, engineered hardwood floors, double-glazed windows and hardwood doors.

He continued, “We also go above and beyond with built-in centralized VRF air-conditioning, which only a handful of luxury properties offer.”

Features and amenities

In addition, Mariposa Mews puts a premium on health and wellness. The project boasts superior indoor environmental quality. It will be more relaxed, better ventilated and healthier inside each unit.

It also achieved a highly efficient building envelope, ensuring the heat of the Manila sun is kept at bay. The walls are insulated 15 times with regular hollow block or precast walls.

Additionally, the windows are double-glazed, double low-e, with PVC frames to ensure minimal thermal gains. In addition to natural ventilation, Mariposa Mews also has mechanical ventilation, which provides fresh, filtered outdoor air. This ensures that appropriate oxygen levels are maintained and the air in the spaces is clean.

More than just a price tag

Lim said developers typically see two types of buyers in housing real estate — investors and end users. He cited several factors to consider when buying a property:

1. Centrality — Horseshoe is known to border two major cities in Metro Manila — Quezon City and San Juan, which makes it an ideal location when moving around the bustling metropolis. As the population increases, land becomes more scarce and suburban areas within the city increase in value. A Horseshoe resident can expect their neighborhood to be residential for the foreseeable future without worrying about a mega commercial area rising in its midst. Traditionally, this is why subdivisions tend to increase in value regardless of economic times and what we expect from Mariposa Mews.

2. Neighborhood & Development — A 10-15 minute drive along Mariposa Mews will reveal top schools like ICA, Xavier, La Salle Greenhills, etc. In addition to top schools, hospitals like Cardinal Santos Medical Center and St. Luke’s Quezon City are easily accessible. Greenhills Shopping Center and Robinsons Magnolia are also within the vicinity. Access to everyday errand staples and essential amenities makes Mariposa Mews a convenient place of residence.

3. State of the Home or Repair and Maintenance Costs — As Mariposa Mews is on track for LEED for Homes Gold, a resident can expect less maintenance costs for the same quality of home. As we put a premium on health and wellness, we are reshaping the concept of luxury — we believe that a consistently well-ventilated and toxic-free home makes for better well-being.

Finally, every material used within the homes is vetted for harmful chemicals to ensure that residents are not exposed to carcinogens.