Luxurious living in Lipa

Combining a harmonious blend of classic and contemporary elements, Arcoe Residences emerges as the latest gem in Lipa City, Batangas, offering a haven where residents can synchronize with their natural rhythm.

The nature-inspired RLand Development Inc., in partnership with the renowned Japanese real estate company Marimo Philippine Holdings Inc., is actively shaping the future of real estate with Arcoe Residences. On Saturday night, 18 November, the company held its Christmas lighting ceremony with the theme “Magic of Christmas at Home,” featuring performances by San Sebastian Drum and Lyres, The Lipa Chroral Ensemble and El Gamma Penumbra, and a raffle for everyone. 

This innovative project creates a calm and peaceful community that embraces nature by seamlessly fusing tropical designs with city living. Arcoe Residences establishes a neighborhood in Brgy. Muntingpulo, Lipa City, cultivating a tranquil, safe and secure environment.

The neighborhood features fashionable courtyards with gardens, bike lanes and walkways connecting them as areas for leisure and relaxation. 

Homeowners can participate in lively interactions with a multipurpose court, play area, and community center.

Residential offerings

 RLand Development Inc.’s director of special projects, Norman Esteban, spoke with the DAILY TRIBUNE about his excitement for the project. He emphasized the company’s dedication to providing a “friendly and flexible” distinctive living environment.

Arcoe Residences’ well-thought-out models accommodate a range of lifestyles.

Silver — Your Step Towards Success

Priced around P1,945,706.12, the Silver townhouse unit provides 59.99 sqm of lot area and 42.5 sqm of floor area. It is ideal for starting families and features two bedrooms, two toilets and baths, and a gated garage.

 Gold — Your Home to Nurture

Priced at around P2,539,987.15, the Gold Single Attached unit provides 72.34 sqm of lot area and 60.00 sqm of floor area. It is designed for growing families and features two bedrooms, two toilets and baths, and a gated garage with the option to expand.

Platinum — Your Fulfillment of Dreams

 At around P3,560,213.35, the Platinum Single Attached offers 96 sqm of lot area and 104.78 sqm of floor area. Tailored for excelling families, it includes three bedrooms, two toilets and baths, and a gated garage with ample space.

Pockets of lifestyle

Experience the beauty of Mt. Malarayat while spending quality time with loved ones at Arcoe Residences, allowing an assortment of amenities, including a clubhouse called Arcoe Centre, a commercial area called Concepts at Arcoe, a jogging trail, a Glamping Hub with additional community features, a swimming pool, a sports camp, and security and safety amenities.

A seamless marriage of traditional and modern design elements can be found in The Arcoe Centre (Clubhouse), representing charming living designs. Arcoe Residences is a visual feast for the senses, with a community centered around everyday activities and a modern take on tropical mid-century classic charm.

With its straightforward, calm and gorgeous residential community, Arcoe Residences, RLand’s ground-breaking development, illuminates the path for relaxed city living. It offers energizing spaces for work, play and home.