Luxurious Korea

It’s amazing how Korea has maintained its unique culture and traditions while offering the world high-class tourism opportunities.

No wonder Filipino travelers always include Korea in their bucket list of travel destinations. Korea keeps us sane with its preserved cultures through its cuisines and traditional architecture that we commonly see in Korean movies and drama series.

Korean travel programs include first-class accommodations with modern amenities. Within most of these establishments, you can see old architecture, as well as smell and taste authentic Korean delicacies.

But who would have thought that Korean culture and cutting-edge technology, as well as delicious traditional food and modern styles can coexist together? This must be luxurious. Let me walk you through some adventures you may experience in Korea.

So, where to go?

Seoul! The capital of South Korea is full of surprises because, despite being one of the world’s largest cities, it can blend history with modern elegance.

When you stroll around the city, you will see the pre-historic side of Korea — stunning and totally preserved, from hotels and restaurants, to street food areas.

Paradise City Incheon

Tagged as an “Art-Tainment Resort,” this hotel is a perfect place for art enthusiasts. The facilities feature more than 3,000 artworks by world-renowned and local artists, including Alessandro Mendini’s masterpiece, Paradise Proust.

Paradise City is a five-star contemporary hotel and resort which also houses Korea’s largest foreigner-only casino.

It also has the biggest convention center with its grand ballroom that can accommodate up to 800 people.

Hotel Lotte Seoul

Hotel Lotte is one of the world’s most famous five-star hotels that  has received various international awards. It is located at the heart of Seoul’s central business district near Myeondong. Its main tower and executive tower have a total of 1,015 guest rooms that were designed by four world-class interior design firms. It also has 13 conference halls.

The hotel has meeting rooms, restaurants, a spa, a hot spring, a pool, a fitness center, a club lounge, business centers and even an indoor driving range.

Saudi Arabia’s Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman stayed here when he visited Korea.

The Plaza Seoul

The Plaza Seoul is another five-star hotel located in downtown Seoul that offers upscale amenities with highly personalized service. It is situated near the Myeongdong shopping district. The 20,000-square-feet space features venues for conferences, galas and other events. The hotel is known for its excellent food and beverage menu.

Several variety shows and television K-dramas were filmed in Plaza Seoul. The hotel appeared in Winter Sonata as seen in episodes 12 to 14 in 2002, when the character of Choi Ji-woo and Jeong Yoo-jin stayed there overnight. The swimming pool at the hotel’s fitness center, the Plaza’s pub, the restroom, the lobby and the main entrance were also seen in My Name is Kim Sam-Soon in 2005.

The Plaza Seoul underwent substantial renovation led by Italian interior designer Guido Ciompi. The hotel is situated within the Jicheonsa Temple during the Jeoson Dynasty until 1408.


Insa-dong Street

When in Seoul, you may want to wander on Insa-dong Street, a lively spot in the heart of Korea filled with artsy decorations and historical places. The street is open 24/7. Even if the sidewalks are narrow and often muddy during monsoon season, people still visit the area. There are old but precious traditional goods on display.

There are about 100 galleries in the street offering traditional Korean fine art from paintings to sculptures. Teahouses and restaurants are located within the twisting alleyways, making it feel like you’re in a treasure hunt.

Insa-dong is regarded as a place “where the present and the past meet” halfway.

Korea showcases its more than 5,000 years of ancient history and 500 years of pre-modern history during the Jeosan Dynasty. The country rapidly industrialized when it was thrust into the modern global market, but still managed to preserve its rich history, culture and traditions.

Experience Korea’s four seasons with beautiful landscapes across the country.

The Korea Tourism Organization Manila Office announced that visa-free entry for foreign transit passengers via Incheon International Airport has resumed.

Transit passengers traveling to and from the US, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and 32 European countries can stay in Korea for a maximum of 30 days without a Korean visa beginning 30 April 2023.

Transit passengers traveling to and from any country via Incheon International Airport may be allowed to stay a maximum of three days without a Korean visa starting 15 May 2023.

For transit tour inquiries, contact T1: +82-32-741-3139, T2: +82-32-741-0060 or e-mail [email protected].