Luxurious fusion beyond fashion

Fashion luminary Puey Quiñones skillfully blended modern fashion with the rich legacy of the Philippines in his most recent collection. 

His mushroom silhouette dress and blouse, which combine ivory, neutral and blue hues to represent the modern Filipina’s journey, are at the heart of the collection.

The “Puey Quiñones x Rustan’s” launch, held on 8 November at Rustan’s Makati, featured the PQ Luxe collection in holiday hues with timeless ivory white, reflecting power and resiliency.

This collaborative effort between Rustan’s, the epitome of luxury, and Quiñones, the icon of haute couture, resulted in a collection that went beyond clothing.

“Collaborating with Rustan’s has been an exceptional experience,” Quiñones said. “This collection is a testament to the passion and creativity of our teams.”

Hand-painted series

The Puey Quiñones Hand-Painted Series for men featured exquisitely made panuelos and barong, each item a unique and one-of-a-kind design.

Each garment tells an exceptional story, thanks to the meticulous and artistic approach of Quiñones and his crew, who have brought life to every detail, from delicate strokes to complicated patterns. 

Traditional Filipino clothing is turned into wearable art in this collection, which celebrates the rich cultural legacy of the country with a modern touch. It has become a canvas of uniqueness.

Redefining personal expression

With The Versatile Collection, Quiñones redefines fashion in a daring way. 

The collection offers more than simply outfits; it transforms into a vehicle for endless self-expression with a distinctly ready-to-wear couture touch.

Every dress and wrap in the collection is a blank canvas waiting to be embellished with the distinct style of its user, thanks to Quiñones’ identifiable flair effortlessly combined with the practicality of everyday fashion. 

This allows people to carry a touch of sophistication with ease. It pushes the boundaries of traditional fashion, inspiring people to express their individuality and be creative in how they dress.

ready to style dress and wrap collection.

Visionary in fashion

A renowned figure in global fashion, Quiñones seamlessly merges creativity, femininity and timeless grace. 

From Manila to Los Angeles, his journey has unfolded over a decade, culminating in the establishment of Q Bridal in LA.

Beyond borders, Quiñones’ impact resonates globally through i-Curate International, where Atelier Puey Quiñones crafts both couture pieces and functional corporate uniforms. 

Acknowledged as an Outstanding Fashion Designer by the City of Los Angeles, he shapes the fashion landscape with unwavering passion and innovative flair.

More than a designer, Quiñones is a dream architect and beauty curator. His collaboration with Rustan’s is now showcased at Rustan’s Makati, marking a significant stride in introducing his distinct style to the realm of fashion retail.