Love according to KimPau, KathDen and KenTell

February, with Cupid, chocolates and roses as its symbols, now serve as afterglow reminders. The season of I do’s and here comes the bride, all dressed in ecru, tulle and the longest of trains are the much-awaited events in June and December. During the driest and hottest months here in the Philippines, summer flings and Santacruzan transpire, the rites of passage of Pinoy totoys (young boys), circumcision is the rage, and yes oh yes, adding more scorch and sizzle, the saccharine shenanigans and the doses of kilig from manufactured and real romances and bromance that are in full bloom this side of Southeast Asian Hollywood.

Love is patient

It took 12 years for Paulo Avelino to finally get the opportunity to work with Kim Chiu, whom many believe is the embodiment of Avelino’s admiration or crush.

Paulo Avelino and Kim Chiu. | photograph courtesy of KIMPAU/FB

The dramatic actor reportedly nixed the Aidan role (played by the recently married Zanjoe Marudo) in Dirty Linen because he does not want to be stuck with the same actress as an onscreen partner, which was Janine Gutierrez.

We all know how Avelino’s Victor and Chiu’s Juliana stirred so many emotions in Linlang, which happened to be a worldwide viewing habit on Prime Video. Now, its teleserye version still stirs the hornet’s nest and the dynamic duo is getting so much love and support as vice chairman Brandon Manansala Castillo and secretary Kimberly Liwanag in the Philippine adaptation of What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim? that has become much loved and watched on Viu.

Avelino and Chiu’s getting-to-know-each-other stage leveled up as playing the volatile husband and wife characters of Victor and Juliana was the perfect environment for them to build chemistry, trust, friendship and also discover and learn from their individual and collective strengths. As BMC and Secretary Kim, the ride is nice and easy now, proving that patience is indeed a virtue, as we all wait for the reel and real metamorphosis of their feelings and romance.

Love is lovelier

Freedom becomes her and, indeed, Kathryn Bernardo is at her loveliest after putting an exclamation to a decade-long relationship.

Proofs of how devastatingly beautiful she has become — online magazine cover and fashion editorial that showed bohemian-inspired swimwear is the best outfit for our tropical heatwave, the toned body and Filipina skin in full display as an ambassador for a leading tuna brand, and the fresh as a morning daisy in immaculate white numbers during her 28th birthday celebration surrounded by well-meaning friends and men who adore her.

Speaking of the gentlemen who adore the very good girl that is Kathryn, two are on the radar: award-winning actor Jericho Rosales and the other half of the reason why Hello, Love, Goodbye was a phenomenal Philippine box office holder, Alden Richards (thus the birth of KathDen tandem).

Kathryn Bernardo and Alden Richards. | photograph courtesy of ABS-CBN

Reports have it that Rosales is supposedly courting the pretty miss, which is why everyone’s favorite Mr. Pogi is always the handsome companion of Bernardo in wellness activities, bars and resto bonding and food trips. Adding more pogi (handsome) points to Echo, he serenaded her with Eraserheads’ “Ang Huling El Bimbo” during Bernardo’s much documented birthday shindig.

Meanwhile, KathDen hearts are fluttering because Richard (Faulkerson Jr., Alden’s real name) surprised Kathryn during an intimate post-birthday celebration with her leading man carrying a bouquet of fresh red roses and a gift. Photos of the two, looking oh so lovey-dovey, are shared on X and all who rooted for them as Joy and Ethan, are all together in exclaiming, “Sabel, this must be love!” for the coosome twosome.

Love is indeed lovelier when Bernardo and Richards play it for real. And love is indeed a splendored thing if a triangle amoureaux has Bernardo, Richards and Jericho Rosales as the major cast of characters.

Love actually wins

For all the KenTell shippers, or the battalion of fans who love the friendship and partnership of SB19’s Ken Suson and Stell Ajero, the latest back-hug episode that happened between the tandem in All Out Sundays puts all the KenTell Kids in full kilig mode.

Ken Suson and Stell Ajero.

The KenTell layag (shipping) on national TV received positive affirmations and reactions from those who truly appreciate the acts of affection and brotherhood that Felip Jhon and Stellvester share and that they are mighty proud of their closer than close friendship.

Of course, a minority of bashers played on the pink card that majority of the KenTell Kids resisted and branded such action as “dated,” “prejudicial” and “malicious.”

KenTell, composed of Ken Suson and Stell Ajero, are now symbols of real men who show their feelings, and that physical manifestations of closeness and care between two men are valid. There is nothing wrong with it.  And there is no reason to be defensive about it.

Honestly, I don’t care what they all say, but I cannot live and survive in a world without love. And thanks to KimPau, KathDen and KenTell for being shining examples on how to celebrate and embrace love!