Lola Amour announces SHOW, self-titled debut album

After dominating the charts with “Raining in Manila,” eight-piece pop-funk band Lola Amour is ready to welcome a new era.

Lola Amour will have a two-stop album concert this April. First will be at the Circuit Event Grounds, Makati, on 13 April with Cup of Joe, Any Name’s Okay. PLAYERTWO will perform for the after-party. This will be followed by a show at Draft Punk, Cebu, on 27 April with surprise Cebuano acts.

Lola Amour also finally announced the release of their self-titled debut album coming out on 10 April.

A promise they made to fans in 2019, the group wholeheartedly shared that the album serves as a creative playground where they can fully express themselves with sonic creativity while taking inspiration from their experiences.

“We just really wanted to portray joy, fun and playfulness sa album to bring out the band’s playful personalities,” the band said.

Overall, the 9-track album fully showcases the band’s musical and storytelling skills, wrapped in their signature lyricism and fun pop sound their fans love.