Local Baguio coffeeshop owner calls out ‘influencer’ for rude behavior, entitlement

Trending on social media is an unnamed influencer for their rudeness to a local entrepreneur in Baguio. Coffee Place owner Jewel Wanhay their exchange with an influencer posted a series of screenshots on Facebook.  When Wanhay refused the offer of a collab, the influencer then wished his business would flop. 

Other business owners, influencers, bloggers, and vloggers offered to drop by and promote Wanhay’s business for free because they found the influencer’s reply rude and condescending. They also questioned the influencer’s status in the industry and chided him for giving the industry a bad name. 

There have been many instances both here and abroad where influencer culture has been put into question by businesses, especially small and local entrepreneurs whose profit margins can’t afford to cater to numerous influencers who offer exposure in exchange for free food. Wanhay said in his post that they prefer “organic” reviews because they learn from genuine feedback:   

“Why not make a win-win situation, you buy products, make an unrestricted review.. then viola Meron na kayong content.. infact we always learn from organic feedbacks – it makes us better.

Lastly, even small businesses have the freedom to chose their brand ambassadors… Naaaks (Hindi lang mga malalaking brands ang namimili kung sino mageendorse sa kanila)…”